• Rhyli was able to celebrate with her family on Easter Sunday as she gave her testimony and was baptized.  Hear her story here.

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  • We were able to celebrate Easter Sunday with Hennisee and her family as she shared her testimony and took the step of Baptism.  Listen to her story here.

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  • Dylan was searching for a long time looking for the joy he saw in those who really knew Christ.  Finally someone opened up to him and shared the story of Christ with him.  His journey is incredible to hear.  

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  • Alana was able to profess her love for Christ on Easter Sunday as she took the step of Baptism.  Hear her story here.

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  • What a joy to hear how God is at work in the lives of the young.  Listen to Elyse's testimony of how she accepted Jesus into her heart and why she wanted to take the step of baptism.

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February 11 2018

Relying on God

February 04 2018

Living Simply

January 29 2018

Called to Be Peacemakers

December 31 2017

McBIC's Ministry Footprint

December 24 2017

Magi Came to Worship

December 17 2017

Shepherds Heard

December 10 2017

Angels Interpreted

December 03 2017

Prophets Foretold

October 29 2017

Taking the Next Step

October 22 2017

Pressing In and Pressing On

October 15 2017

Overcoming Opposition

October 01 2017

If Not Us... Then Who?

September 24 2017

The Greatest Story

September 10 2017

Slave, Master or Brother?

September 03 2017

A Messy Situation

August 20 2017

Why is Love so Important?

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