Layne Lebo

Ministry at McBIC: Layne grew up in the Mechanicsburg BIC Church and after graduating from seminary he began his ministry as Youth Pastor here at the church in June of 1991. Layne served on staff at McBIC in a variety of pastoral roles for ten years and he became McBIC’s Senior Pastor in 2001.

Family: Layne and his wife Greta met at seminary and were married in 1992. They have three children: Bronte, Treyton and Kerrigan.

Education: Layne graduated from Messiah College with a double major in History and Bible and continued his education at Asbury Seminary earning a Master's Degree of Divinity and a Doctorate of Ministry with a concentration in Leadership and Church Growth.

Layne's Passion: As McBIC's Senior Pastor, Layne believes his job description is found in Ephesians 4:11-13: "Preparing God's people for works of service so the body of Christ can be built up." "I love investing in our staff and watching God use us to put people in a place where God can transform their lives. As people come to know Christ and grow in Him, I want them to view their neighborhoods, workplaces and schools as mission fields where they can shine Jesus' light brightly."

Layne's Hobbies: In addition to coaching his kids’ sports teams and watching them play sports, Layne’s hobbies include: reading, gardening, watching basketball and cycling.

Sermon Title Sermon Date
Jesus' Mission is Our Mission 01/25/2015
Ministering in the Marketplace 01/18/2015
In The Beginning 01/11/2015
Our Savior 12/21/2014
The Son of Man 12/14/2014
Our Servant King 12/07/2014
Robbing God 11/23/2014
Shallow Worship 11/09/2014
The Power of Forgiveness 10/26/2014
Forgiveness is a Gift from God 10/05/2014
Epic Failure 09/21/2014
Epic Strength 09/14/2014
Epic Promise 09/07/2014
MCC Commissioning 08/31/2014
Awaiting Trial in Rome 08/17/2014
Traveling to Rome 08/10/2014
A Life Well Lived 08/03/2014
Preaching the Good News 07/13/2014
Who Can Be Saved? 06/15/2014
Persecuted for the Gospel 06/08/2014
An Unlikely Missionary 06/01/2014
Regaining Faith 02/02/2014
A Call for Repentance & Humility 11/17/2013
Growing in Love through Scripture 10/13/2013
God's Call on our Lives 09/29/2013
Saul of Tarsus is Converted 07/28/2013
Our Messiah 11/30/2014
Unfaithfulness 11/16/2014
Epic Closure 09/28/2014
Loving Others with God's Love 10/27/2013
The Role of Pastors 02/01/2015
Lives That Bring Praise To God 02/08/2015
The Cross of Prophecy 02/15/2015
The Cross of Humility 02/22/2015
The Cross of Hope 03/01/2015
The Cross of Change 03/08/2015
The Cross of Suffering 03/29/2015
Seeing With Spirit Eyes 04/12/2015
Be Strong in the Lord 04/19/2015
The Power of the Cross 05/17/2015
The Backstory 06/07/2015
A Deliver is Born 06/14/2015
Pharaoh's Resistance 06/28/2015
Grumbling 08/02/2015
On Mount Sinai 08/09/2015
Moses' Ultimatum 08/23/2015
Moses' Radiant Face 08/31/2015
Naaman's Servant Girl 09/08/2015
Esther the Beauty Queen 09/14/2015
Joseph the Slave 09/21/2015
Paul the Prisoner 09/27/2015
Facing Jesus in Our Sexuality, Part II 10/18/2015
Let's Get Healed 10/26/2015
God's Hand on McBIC's Past 11/08/2015
God's Work at McBIC Today 11/15/2015
God's Plans for McBIC's Future 11/22/2015
Mary's Surprise Visit 11/30/2015
Joseph's Dream 12/06/2015
The Wise Men 12/20/2015
Saul: A Promising Beginning & a Trag... 01/10/2016
David: Preparing to Become King 01/17/2016
David: A Man After God's Heart 01/31/2016
"Father, forgive them..." 02/08/2016
"Today You Will Be With Me..." 02/14/2016
"Dear woman, here is your son." 02/21/2016
"I Am Thirsty" 03/06/2016
"It Is Finished" 03/13/2016
One Gospel 04/03/2016
Paul's Journey Toward Grace 04/10/2016
Abraham's Righteousness 04/17/2016
Freedom in the Spirit 04/24/2016
Embracing a Lifestyle of Forgiveness 05/22/2016
Joshua's Call 06/12/2016
Rahab's Salvation 06/19/2016
The Day the Sun Stood Still 08/08/2016
Joshua's Farewell 08/14/2016
Life After Joshua 08/28/2016
Salt and Light 09/04/2016
Witnesses 09/11/2016
Ambassadors 09/19/2016
Children of Light 09/25/2016
What is the Greatest Commandment? 10/03/2016
Giving Caesar What is Caesar's and Go... 10/16/2016
In God We Trust 10/23/2016
Judgment and Deliverance 11/07/2016
Bad Leadership and God's Promised Leader 11/14/2016
Guilt & Punishment and God's Mercy &... 11/20/2016
Abraham & Sarah - Waiting for an Heir 11/28/2016
Isaiah & The Prophets - Waiting for M... 12/04/2016
John the Baptist - Still Waiting 12/11/2016
Mary - Waiting for a Lifetime 12/18/2016
Embracing Jesus' Mission in Our World 01/08/2017
Daniel: A Life Marked By Faith 01/22/2017
Esther: A Life Marked by Faith 01/29/2017
Pursuing Intimacy 02/05/2017
Living With the End in Mind 02/26/2017
Our Father in heaven, hallowed be you... 03/06/2017
Your kingdom come, your will be done,... 03/12/2017
"And lead us not into temptation, but... 04/02/2017
"And lead us not into temptation, but... 04/09/2017
Prayer Makes a Difference 04/23/2017
Our Authority in Christ 05/21/2017
Divided or Unified in Christ? 06/11/2017
What Does Freedom in Christ Mean? 07/30/2017
What's Appropriate in Public Worship? 08/06/2017
What Role Do Spiritual Gifts Have in... 08/13/2017
What Are the Implications of Jesus' R... 08/27/2017
A Messy Situation 09/03/2017
Slave, Master or Brother? 09/10/2017
Onesimus: From Useless to Useful 09/18/2017
The Greatest Story 09/24/2017
Jesus' Mission is Our Mission 10/08/2017
Overcoming Opposition 10/15/2017
Pressing In and Pressing On 10/22/2017
Taking the Next Step 10/29/2017
McBIC's Vision & Our Stewardship 11/12/2017
McBIC's Vision & Our Stewardship - We... 11/19/2017
McBIC's Vision & Our Stewardship - We... 11/26/2017
Angels Interpreted 12/10/2017
Shepherds Heard 12/17/2017
Magi Came to Worship 12/24/2017
McBIC's Ministry Footprint 12/31/2017
Sharing the Gift We've Been Given 01/14/2018
Serving Jesus By Serving Others 01/21/2018
Called to Be Peacemakers 01/29/2018
Living Simply 02/04/2018
Relying on God 02/11/2018
Experiencing God's Love and Grace 02/18/2018
Believing the Bible 02/25/2018
Worshiping God 03/04/2018
Following Jesus 03/11/2018
What Kind of Messiah is Jesus 03/25/2018
Lives Marked by Hope by 04/09/2018
Submitting to Jesus 04/22/2018
Living for God 04/29/2018
Abba's Child - Loved By God 05/06/2018
A Change of Plans 06/03/2018
The Heart of Ministry 06/10/2018
Jars of Clay 06/17/2018
Ministers of Reconciliation 06/24/2018
Paul's Hardships 07/08/2018
Paul's Thorn in the Flesh 08/12/2018
The Marks of a True Church 08/19/2018
Protecting What God Has Entrusted to Us 08/26/2018
Growing Our Ministry Footprint 09/02/2018
Running Toward the Mess 09/09/2018
Partnering with Others 09/23/2018
Praying for God's Will to be Done on... 09/30/2018
Two Ways 10/07/2018
God's Provisions for His Children 10/14/2018
God is My Home 10/28/2018
Baptism Sunday 11/04/2018
God, Where Are You? 11/11/2018
A Psalm of Thanksgiving 11/25/2018
John the Baptist 12/02/2018
Simeon 12/23/2018
Running our Leg of the Race Well 01/06/2019
Reconcilers 01/13/2019
Created for Intimacy & Mission in Christ 01/20/2019
Authority 02/10/2019
God is Our Provider 03/10/2019
Jesus Explains His Kingdom 03/17/2019
Our Heavenly Father's Heart of Love 03/31/2019
Loving God with Everything We Have 04/07/2019
Jesus Enters Jerusalem to a Hero's We... 04/14/2019
Embracing Faith and Hope in a World M... 04/28/2019
Embracing Jesus' Healing and Restoration 05/05/2019
The Good Shepherd 05/12/2019
Nicodemus 06/02/2019
The Sinful Woman 06/09/2019
A Father Whose Son was Demon-Possessed 06/16/2019
The Invalid at the Pool of Bethesda 06/23/2019
The Rich Young Ruler 06/30/2019
The Gerasene Demoniac 08/04/2019
Lazarus 08/11/2019
The Criminal on the Cross 08/18/2019
Faithful 09/01/2019
Cover to Cover 09/08/2019
Making it Personal 09/15/2019
Embracing the Mess 09/22/2019
2 Excellent Examples for Us 09/29/2019
A Powerful Word Picture 11/10/2019
God's Unconditional Love and Amazing... 11/24/2019
An Unflattering Picture of Ourselves 11/17/2019
Faith in the Face of Uncertainty 12/01/2019
Hope in the Face of Despair 12/08/2019
Light in the Darkness 12/22/2019
Faithful 01/05/2020
Receptive 01/12/2020
Holy 01/19/2020
Focused 01/26/2020
Raising Questions Through Our Lives 02/02/2020
Listening to the Spirit and Learning... 02/16/2020
Identifying Ourselves as Missionaries 02/23/2020
Man shall not Live by Bread Alone 03/01/2020
You Must be Born Again 03/08/2020
Whoever Drinks the Water I Give will... 03/15/2020
Paul's Letter to the Philippians 04/19/2020
Paul's Letter to the Philippians - We... 04/26/2020
Easter Sunday 04/12/2020
Palm Sunday 04/05/2020
I Am the Resurrection and the Life 03/29/2020
Paul's Letter to the Philippians - We... 05/03/2020
Paul's Letter to the Philippians - We... 05/10/2020
Paul's Letter to the Philippians - We... 05/17/2020
Paul's Letter to the Philippians - We... 05/24/2020
Paul's Letter to the Philippians - We... 05/31/2020
Growing as a Follower of Jesus in Cha... 06/14/2020
Unity in the Body of Christ 06/21/2020
An Accurate Picture of Ourselves 07/12/2020
To Understand God, Look at Jesus 07/19/2020
Colossians 2:6-15 08/02/2020
Colossians 3:12-17 08/23/2020
Colossians 3:18-4:6 08/30/2020
A Fireside Chat 10/04/2020
Our Citizenship Dilemma 10/11/2020
Not A Messiah We Would Expect 10/18/2020
I Samuel 8:1-21 10/25/2020
Joshua 5:13-15 & 2 Kings 6:8-17 11/01/2020
Citizen's of Jesus' Upside-Down Kingdom 11/08/2020
A House of Prayer for All Nations 11/15/2020
Embracing God's Purpose for Our Commu... 11/22/2020
Welcome to the End Times 11/29/2020
God is Faithful 12/06/2020
No Surprise 12/20/2020
Psalm 23 01/10/2021
Psalm 4 01/17/2021
Psalm 51 01/24/2021
Psalm 139 02/14/2021
Fixing Our Eyes on Jesus 02/21/2021
The Way of the Cross 02/28/2021
The Centrality of Worshiping Jesus 03/07/2021
Jesus Will be Lifted Up 03/15/2021
My Response to Jesus 03/28/2021
What is Hope and Why is it Important? 04/11/2021
Hope That Lasts a Lifetime 04/18/2021
Holding On To Hope When Our Questions... 04/25/2021

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